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  • Wi-Fi Network Installation

    We implement secure Wi-Fi networks at your locations to provide a great amenity to your customers. These networks can be public (anyone can use them) or private (for your employees only).

    We also install city-wide networks supported by advertising: your customers will see your ad while they enjoy a meal at a restaurant or wait for their children to finish sports practices.

  • How Does It Work?

    Our Wi-Fi is advertiser-supported. Click to watch a short video on how it works from the sponsors' and the users' perspective.

    Watch Video
  • Need A Hotspot?

    Wireless Town installs and manages hotspots for communities, governments and businesses.

    Do you need a hotspot at your location? Our company is proud to create user friendly, secure hotspots. We're the fastest in town!

    We provide free Wi-Fi to the City of Roswell. Visit our Wi-Fi Network Locations page for more information.

“Why should I offer Wi-Fi at my business location?”

There are multiple reasons! Download this document that lists the benefits for you and your clients.
Datasheet: Benefits of offering Wi-Fi at your location.

“But techology is so complicated, and I have a business to run.”

That's where we come in. We have a lot experience translating from "techy" to "everyday English". We want you to be successful and connected online, and we want all communities to take advantage of social media and internet access on the go.

Sponsorship and advertisement opportunities

Your customers will see your message as they use the Wireless-Town Wi-Fi. You can sponsor a specific area or broadcast in the whole network.
Contact us for details.

Mailing Address

1425 Market Blvd, Ste 330 # 161
Roswell, GA 30076-6715
Phone/Fax: 678-436-5535


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